Magic Flight Launch Box

We are shipping the latest Launch Box with a Battery Push Back Ring and Screen Ring!

By blending exhaustive scientific methods, physics, and art with detailed engineering analysis, the Magic-Flight vaporizer achieves optimal performance. There are no fussy digital circuits or flashing lights to deal with. In fact, Magic-Flight vaporizers are so effective that you can expect your tobacco and herbs to last as much as 3X to 5X as long — a significant savings with the high cost of most tobacco and herbal products. Also, unlike with butane based vapor systems, there are no combuston byproducts and very little secondary smells. All of this means that there is only a sweet taste for you to enjoy.

With a sensitivity to graceful design and artistic usage, each of these vaporizers is hand assembled using time-tested techniques and custom-built tools out of natural and renewable materials.

Ready to Vape in Seconds!
Simple and easy to use
Artistic and unique
No flame
No lighter
No stinky butane
No odor
Discreet Light
Handcrafted in the USA
Powerful and long lasting
Lifetime Functional Warranty
Sweet Clean Flavor


Magic Flight Launch Box
Price: $119.99 



We have packages available with extra battery sets, 1ft, 2ft or 3ft whips, wooden mouthpieces in cherry, walnut and maple, magic flight grinders and more. Visit our packages page.

To purchase individual accessories please visit our Acessories page.

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